Countdown to the UKs first ever National Counsellors’ Day is on…

The UKs first ever National Counsellors’ Day will be held in Birmingham on the 22nd June 2019. It is brought to you by Counsellors Together UK, an online counselling group whose main aim is to, ‘work together to end the culture and prevalence of unpaid work within our profession.’

There will be two separate events taking place on the day. 

Firstly, we shall be hosting a day time conference which will allow Counsellors from across the UK to come together and discuss the theme of the conference which is, The Future of Counsellors and Counselling. There will be a lecture, followed by seminars, networking, lunch and refreshments. 

Secondly, we will be hosting an evening awards ceremony, gala dinner and after party. We will be celebrating the varied and wonderful work that we do and recognising our achievements. We want to celebrate Counsellors. Celebrating Counsellors matters because we are highly qualified and skilled professionals who work out of the public eye, often saving people lives. Counsellors are people who give their lives  to helping save others. They are the unsung heroes often holding up communities and failing statutory services. 

We want to continue to campaign to raise the profile of the counselling profession and we believe hosting a national event will help us to do this. 

We hope you can join in and support us to make this happen. You can share our event on your social media accounts, with friends, family and colleagues.

You can also make a donation via our GoFundMe page here and follow our story on Facebook here and Twitter here. 

Thank you for reading. 

Let’s do this 🙂