2023 National Counsellors’ Day Awards – Now open!

Hi all, Maria Albertsen here, founder of National Counsellors’ Day. Where to start? Well, I can’t quite believe that we are now in our 4th year of hosting the National Counsellors’ Day Awards. As always, we are excited to read this year’s entries and to hear about the amazing work taking place across the UK. This is without doubt one of the best parts of our work, as we get to celebrate with you!

The awards process opens today, Wednesday 1st February 2023 and self-nominations are as welcome as nominating others. We also welcome nominations from those who have previously entered but been unsuccessful, because every nomination has genuinely been outstanding – this year could be your turn to win!

I have mentioned this elsewhere but I just wanted to take a moment to reiterate what my hopes are for how the National Counsellors’ Day Awards will operate. So here goes:

  • I hope that the awards don’t cause any ‘splitting’ to happen and that it doesn’t appear as though we are saying that any one counsellor is better than any other, as we’re not.
  • I hope that the awards bring people to together, that they help the individual receiving the award but that they also help any organisation who receive one too.
  • I hope that the awards help to raise the profile of the counselling profession and make the public more aware of what we do.
  • I hope that we all feel we can lift each other up, support each other, and celebrate with each other. That we can lean in and be proud of one another and the work we do.

That is what I hope ❤️

So…. over to you! You can find out more and enter the 2023 National Counsellors’ Day Awards here. We look forward to receiving your nomination soon!

With very best wishes.


National Counsellors’ Day Awards

*Important dates* The awards process opens on Wednesday 1st February 2023. All entries MUST be received by midnight on Tuesday 6th June 2023. Winners will be announced on 22nd June 2023 – National Counsellors’ Day.

An example of the Winners certificate

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