Chloe Foster

PRESENTATION: Why Gender, Sexual and Relationship Diversity matters in the Counselling Room.

Society teaches us that to be accepted we need to be cisgender, heterosexual and monogamous. However, as we know, many of us do not fit the cisnormative, heteronormative and mononormative expectations life throws at us. So, when GSRD/LGBTQ+ clients seek counselling, it’s common for them to be very wary of how – and if – they will be heard, understood, and accepted.

In this talk Chloe Foster will discuss why difference and diversity matters in the counselling room and what we as counsellors can do to examine our own privilege and begin to think deeper about gender, sexual, and relationship diversity to include and attract LGBTQ+ clients into our counselling practices.

Our clients are not all the same. If we ignore diversity, we ignore everything.


Chloe Foster is an accredited Gender, Sexual, and Relationship Diversities Therapist with Pink Therapy. Her passion for working in this area was kindled before her counselling career began through her work with several LGBTQ+ organisations as a youth worker and in mental health. Today Chloe runs her private practice, Sussex Rainbow Counselling, where she specialises primarily in gender and sexual diversity.

Chloe works 100% online offering video, phone, and text-based therapy to clients. She also offers CPD workshops/talks for counsellors which have seen bookings from The National Counselling Society, Cruse, The Open University, Counselling Tutor, The University of Wolverhampton, The University of Lincoln and Onlinevents.


Twitter: @ChloeCounsellor