Clare Slaney

PRESENTATION: Regulation and the search for certainty.

Therapists are not alone in our anxiety over safety and standards, it’s an ongoing conversation in every profession and across fields as diverse as housing materials and social media. Debates around the regulation of counselling and psychotherapy follow similar patterns, from outright dismissal of all regulation to demands for purity that can amount to bigotry.

‘Regulation’ has more than one meaning in law and in practice and systems of professional regulation are in constant evolution: what seems to suit us one year can become unfit for purpose the moment a new piece of culture, like IAPT, outcome measurements or cuts in funding, emerges.

What does regulation mean? What purposes does it serve? What might it tell us about our own needs, desires and ways of being? These are some of the questions that we might ask ourselves as individuals and as a profession, as well as learning from other people’s answers.


Clare is a counsellor, psychotherapist and supervisor based in London. You can find out more about Clare on her website here: