Current Sponsors 2023

We would like to thank all of our National Counsellors’ Day Sponsors for their continued support.

Headline Sponsor – The National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society

National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society: Professional Standards Authority Accredited Register Holder – Professional Body – Membership Organisation.

At the very core of the NCPS is a team of people who believe passionately in being a voice and a home for counsellors and psychotherapists in the UK. In each department of the Society we have counsellors, psychotherapists, therapy clients, people married to practitioners, people training to become practitioners themselves… We are part of the community that we serve and represent.

Representing and advocating for counselling and psychotherapy in the UK isn’t just a job to us; it runs through the tapestry of our lives.

We’re member-led, which means all the important decisions about the Society are decided by referendum – not by us. We strive to provide as much information to our members as we possibly can to allow them to make an informed choice. We also regularly receive and act upon feedback, making changes where our members would like us to.

The Membership Services team at the Society are always at the end of the phone to talk to you about any queries. We support thousands of members with ethical queries each year, and receive consistently positive feedback from members who’ve spoken to us. We think it’s really important to answer the phone and talk to our members; we build connections and relationships that way, and learn their names and stories.

Protecting the heart of counselling and psychotherapy is incredibly important to us: we would describe the most important qualities of our vocation as being autonomy-centred, creative, flexible, holistic, and subjective.

Campaigning and raising awareness of the value that counselling and psychotherapy can bring to the nation’s mental health is a core part of what we do; with the country in crisis and services unable to cope with the significant numbers of people looking for support, we’re calling on the Government, future Governments, and the NHS to realise the value in a workforce of trained, experienced, and passionate counsellors and psychotherapists.

Not only do we have individual members, but we work with training institutions across the UK to recognise hundreds of courses throughout the UK, including CPD courses, Advanced Specialist courses for qualified counsellors and psychotherapists, as well as Accredited training that gives counselling and psychotherapy students a direct route to our Professional Standards Authority Accredited Register.

We also work with organisations across the breadth of the profession – from counselling services, to EAPs, to campaign groups, to advocacy services and beyond. They keep us up to date with the challenges faced by counsellors, as well as provide opportunities for our members.

On top of all of this we have a wide range of membership benefits, including free CPD, discounts for books, insurance and courses, private practice resources, networking events and more!

If you have any questions about what we do or what we offer to our members, please get in touch with us! We love to talk.

Click here to visit The National Counselling & Psychotherapy Society website.

2023 Sponsors


Kim Page – CEO and Founder

The Psychotherapy and Counselling Union

  • The Psychotherapy and Counselling Union (PCU), founded in 2016, is committed to our mission of standing up for therapists and the future of therapy.”

As written in our constitution our aims are:*

  • Bring together counsellors, psychotherapists and other practitioners from every corner of the field, including trainees on an equal basis.

  • Campaign for true diversity and equal opportunities in the therapy world, and support individuals who are discriminated against.

  • ​Campaign to reform IAPT and other ‘therapy-lite’ substitutes, while at the same time supporting IAPT practitioners with their grievances.

  • Campaign against the use of therapy to get people off benefits and/or back to work.

  • Change the system whereby starting practitioners have to work unpaid, often with very complex issues and without adequate support.

  • Campaign to defend and extend the provision of open-ended therapy which is free at the point of contact, and where the client can choose their practitioner and modality.

  • Support and defend practitioners in disciplinary hearings, and also against bullying and harassment.

  • Support and defend therapy against attacks from government and media, and against creeping medicalisation.

  • Establish a policy and research unit to develop solid positions on a wide range of issues.

PCCS Books


Onlinevents is a virtual platform offering continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities to counsellors and psychotherapists.  We host LIVE Experiential Workshops that aim to provide a supportive and inclusive environment for all attendees.  You can view our LIVE programme here. Our unique “Pay what you can” policy ensures that access to these workshops is available to everyone, regardless of financial ability.  

In addition to LIVE events, Onlinevents’ CPD Membership Library offers a comprehensive selection of video-based CPD courses on a variety of topics and modalities. Practitioners can easily keep their skills up-to-date by learning at their own pace and downloading CPD certificates which are kept safely in their account.  Despite the complexities of technology, we have designed our platform to be user-friendly and accessible for all.  Learn more about library membership HERE.

JHD Counselling

Counsellors Staffroom

The Counsellors’ Staffroom was created by therapists for therapists out of a care for each other. Beginning on Facebook in March 2020, our community soon became a thriving and valued source of support for counsellors and psychotherapists. In March 2023 we launched our separate dedicated online community platform for qualified counsellors, psychotherapists and counselling psychologists, providing support groups, community meet-ups, CPD Events, business support, private practice support, membership of Kiku practice management software and much more. Find out more about the support we could offer you and your therapy practice here.

Therapists Against Conversion Therapy and Transphobia

Therapists Against Conversion Therapy and Transphobia (TACTT) is a grassroots activist collective of therapists, counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists and other therapeutic practitioners who oppose conversion therapy and transphobia in the therapy profession. Membership is open to all counsellors and therapists, whether in training or qualified, who agree with our aims and ethos. 

We provide a space for counsellors and therapists to connect and share ideas and support for actions. We build resources, information and training for institutions, and take action to challenge the law, statutory guidelines, and governmental policies in order to stop conversion therapy and transphobia.

We take action to challenge counselling and therapy training and regulatory bodies on conversion therapy and transphobia.

We believe that everyone should be able to explore their gender and sexuality in an open, non-judgemental space when accessing therapy services, and that no gender or sexuality is inherently better than or preferable to any other.

We believe that trans, non-binary and gender expansive people are the experts of their own experiences. We push for our voices to be included in training and conversations about working with gender in therapy.

We support a legal ban of all kinds of conversion therapy and want all therapy training institutions to actively align with the MOU against Conversion Therapy in the UK and comparative measures in other countries.

We actively build alliances with other counselling and psychotherapy bodies in this work.

You can visit the TACTT website here.

CTUK Members Club

We set up the Members Club as we wanted to provide almost everything therapists need, in one place, for very low cost. We know how much we can find ourselves paying out each month and we wanted to try and help keep that cost down whilst providing everything you (therapists) told us you needed. We see the Members Club as a ‘work in progress’ and will continue to amend/grow our services as we evolve. For example, our members recently told us that they would like us to re-install the forum area where they can make referrals, self-promote and access support from each other, and so that’s what we done ????

Once you join you’ll gain:

1. Free access to the Onlinevents Library which offers you 24/7 access to over 800 hours of CPD on almost every subject, plus CPD certificates and a learning log. (

2. Access to the National Counsellors’ Day Online Conference recordings. 18 hours of CPD, all focused on Social and Political Issues in Counselling and Psychotherapy, plus certificate. At least 5 hours of CPD added yearly in our ‘courses’ section. (

3. Free and discounted courses, training, CPD and books from a variety of sources.

4. Access to weekly live events via Zoom. We run an Arty Workshop every Wednesday morning and a Coworking session every Friday morning.

5. We have just launched our new CTUK Courses Hub, which you can check out here:

6. Free 1-1 coaching with our founder, Maria Albertsen (half hour slots released monthly).

And much, much more! You can find the full list of member benefits and join us here.

If you have any questions then please do contact me, Maria Albertsen (Founder) at and I’ll get back to you asap.

Thanks for reading, I hope to see you inside the Members Club soon!