Dr Elizabeth Cotton

Presenter: Dr Elizabeth Cotton – Surviving Work

Title of Presentation: Elizabeth will be presenting her current research on IAPT and the ‘uberisation’ of mental health services. She will be arguing that the emergence of digital therapy and online providers and the key employers in the future is creating a new and dangerous model of UberTherapy.

About Elizabeth: Elizabeth is a writer and educator working in the field of mental health at work. Her background is as a trade unionist working internationally as an organiser and educator on diverse issues such as HIV/AIDS, organising and building grassroots networks, and negotiating as head of education for Industriall, one of the largest trade unions in the world. She returned to the UK in 2007 to start training in adult psychotherapy and worked as an honorary therapist in the NHS. Elizabeth is a Reader at the University of Hertfordshire researching employment relations and precarious work and how this affects our states of mind. She is Editor-in-Chief of an ABS4 journal Work, Employment & Society looking at the sociology of work and a member of a new coalition Partners for Counselling and Psychotherapy (PCP).

You can find Elizabeth at www.survivingwork.org and you can see her research at www.thefutureoftherapy.org and www.survivingworkinhealth.org.