Dr Emma Radway-Bright

PRESENTATION: An alternative universe – An inclusive proposed Competency Framework for the Practice of Counselling & Psychotherapy.

What if there was an alternative competency framework to SCoPEd? One which could be used by all ‘appropriately trained’ (Level 4-7 qualified) talking therapy professionals, identifying as counsellors and/or psychotherapists? This proposed framework centres around the current and developing competency of the qualified therapy professional. These standard competencies can be used by both employed and private practice therapists as a means of tracking and evidencing their professional development within a standard competency framework. Based on the competencies set out in SCoPEd, this proposal negates the controversy surrounding the differentiation of the core training of counsellors / psychotherapists which has facilitated a mock division of tier A, B and C; and allows employers to employ therapists based on evidenced competence, not qualifications alone.


Dr. Emma Radway-Bright is a counsellor / psychotherapist with a thriving Private Practice (www.INeedTherapy.co.uk) based in South East London. During the pandemic, she started working online via Zoom; expanding the geographical locations of clients across the UK, Europe and beyond. She works with people who are experiencing depression, stress, anxiety, and the general pressures of modern-day living. She specialises in trauma – big and small – and works with people to resolve the emotional, physical and behavioural effects of any trauma they have experienced in the past, or more recently. She also specialises in working with parents who have not had their baby delivered to term; as well as new mothers who need support during their transition into parenting.