Dr Philip Cox

Dr Philip Cox

Presenter: Dr Philip Cox

Title: Extinction Rebellion: The potential impact of civil disobedience upon Professional conduct hearings.

Details: The theme of the day is ‘Social and Political Issues in Counselling and Psychotherapy’. Professional complaint procedures represent the point where the social, political and personal intersect and the point where we can unpack issues of power in counselling and psychotherapy. One of the most urgent political issues of our time is our care for the environment. Othering and the environment reflect our stance towards race, gender, disability and all the myriad forms of differences that make us human (Milton, 2018). Therapists are increasingly asking ‘what happens to my career if I am arrested for civil disobedience’ such as peaceful protest at an Extinction Rebellion event? Will I be accused of bringing the profession into disrepute? The greater the harm the higher the stakes, which shapes the discourses used to control professional resources and mismanage our planet. This discussion aims to understand the forces at work in us, in our professions and in society as a whole when social, political, professional and personal relationships break down. 

About Philip: Dr Philip Cox is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist (HCPC reg & BACP Snr Accred) with 25 years of clinical experience. His research publications, conference presentations and lectures focus on unintended harm within psychotherapy, and how to support trainees and professionals through the emotional turmoil from receiving and/or progressing a complaint. Phil advises the Psychotherapy and Counselling Union on professional complaints and Chair of the British Psychological Society’s Psychotherapy Section. Phil is a passionate advocate for social activism and supporting marginalised groups, particularly where there are intersecting aspects that leave some people at increasing risk of discrimination.

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Dr Philip Cox (D.Psych, CPsychol, EuroPsy)

HCPC reg, BACP (Snr Accred)

BPS Psychotherapy Section Chair

BPS Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors

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Psychotherapy & Counselling Union consultant for professional complaints