Introducing National Counsellors’ Day

On November 2018 admin at Counsellors Together UK (CTUK)  thought it would be a great idea to start a National Counsellors’ Day. This was based on the following aims;

National Counsellors' Day
  1. To increase the profile of the counselling profession.
  2. To acknowledge the often life saving work we do.
  3. To acknowledge that counsellors are highly skilled, qualified and experienced professionals.
  4. To raise awareness of the fact that Counsellors are often underpaid or expected to work for free, suffering from financial and emotional distress as a result.
  5. To celebrate each other and the work we do.

Based on this, admin at CTUK put the idea to start the UKs first ever National Counsellors’ Day to their group of over 4,200 Counsellors and received positive feedback from many. 

And so it was born…..the UKs first ever National Counsellors’ Day will be held at the University of Lincoln on the 22nd June 2019. 

Holding a National Counsellors’ Day helps us to raise the profile of the counselling profession. It helps us to raise awareness of what counsellors do and will hopefully help help us to raise awareness of the ongoing struggles we have surrounding employment and hardship.

A National Counsellors’ Day allows us to bring together counsellors from around the UK to discuss important issues in the public eye and make plans to address these issues. It gives us time together to celebrate each other and the often life saving work that we do, a space to lift each other up and to give and receive thanks.

National Counsellors Day will be celebrated by hosting a day time conference based on the theme ‘The Future of Counsellors and counselling’, with opportunities for networking, CPD, browsing stalls, lunch and we hope, fun! Tickets are just £45 for the day and are available from this website.

We will also be launching the first national awards for counsellors, to celebrate the work they do, and each other. This will be an online process, details of which can be found here.

CTUK are very excited to be starting this day to celebrate counsellors across the UK. We feel passionate about this and can’t wait to update you all with final details in the New Year, as well as opening up the nomination process for the counselling awards. 

Thanks for reading. Questions can be emailed to

The CTUK team 🙂

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