Juliet Lyons – Psychotherapy and Counselling Union (PCU)

PRESENTATION: Could local networks be a game changer to resist SCoPEd, industrialisation, medicalisation and regulation of the therapeutic landscape?

The Psychotherapy and Counselling profession is fairly young compared to many more established professions. Often working in isolation, we are struggling to come together to creatively organise and influence our profession and actively resist top-down changes to our profession, such as SCoPEd, industrialisation, medicalisation, and regulation. Without effective collective organising, we are left in a very vulnerable position without grass-roots representation in our profession. Juliet has been General Secretary of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Union for the last two years and will be exploring whether the Psychotherapy and Counselling Union could be a place where we can creatively come together and if so, what this could be like and what sort of impact this might have.


Having trained as an Integrative Child Psychotherapist, Juliet’s particular interest is in children and families and how we care for each other as a society as well as the use and potential of the expressive arts and healing potential of creativity. Juliet would like to see politics and decision-makers in our sector being much more representative of gender, ethnic, cultural and class diversity and would like to see this widening of diversity in our profession as well. Juliet has been the General Secretary of the Psychotherapy and Counselling Union for the past two years and has come to see PCU as an important protective, critiquing and challenging voice for our complex profession. In this context, Juliet’s particular concerns are in the direction economically driven policies are taking us, impeding the quality of in-depth relationships in the work we do.