Maria Albertsen

PRESENTATION: What the SCoPEd is going on? (Interview with John Wilson from Onlinevents)

In her interview, Maria will discuss the challenging work of CTUK with a specific focus on the SCoPEd framework, giving voice to some of the 1200+ members who took part in the 2021 survey, ‘Evaluating the Financial Landscape of the Counselling & Psychotherapy Sector’, carried out by Dr Elizabeth Cotton from Surviving Work.

The 2021 survey asked respondents for their views on SCoPEd. A massive 47% felt that their employability would be lower if the framework were to be implemented, with 40% anticipating a decline in diversity with further barriers to training. Many were worried about their previous qualifications becoming meaningless.

In the years since the first iteration of SCoPEd was released, many counsellors have felt frustrated by what has felt like a response of empty platitudes, gaslighting and intentional confusion from the organisations involved in its development. Maria will be discussing these responses and how these organisations should be meeting the needs of their members.

As a leader amongst activist groups, Maria’s belief is that groups like CTUK can only do so much to effect change. There comes a point where the organsiations with the power, money and the infrastructures already in place, such as our membership bodies, need to step-up and make these fundamental changes.

One of the fundamental tenets of the Person-centred theory of activism (launched by Maria at NCD 2021 conference) is that collaborative working is the only way to move forward. Without this, issues stagnate, contentions increase and, eventually, all involved lose out. Maria goes on to discuss this within the context of SCoPEd – where have we seen these issues? How do we recover as a profession?


 Maria is an experienced counsellor, psychotherapist and supervisor with over 22 years of experience working in both the private and public sectors (NHS & Education). She has managed young people’s counselling services and set up and delivered successful school-based counselling services, working alongside charities and statutory organisations. She has experience in business development and marketing for counselling organisations and individual therapists in private practice. Maria is the Founder of Counsellors Together UK and National Counsellors’ Day.